(noun) /prəˈkyo͝ormənt/

The costly, time consuming, tedious process of acquiring the products and services necessary for your business.

Best in class organizations can reduce their expenses by an average of  18% - 22% on items routinely purchased.   In addition, on going cost savings of 2% - 4% can also be realized….if you have the right partner in place.    We work with hundreds of organizations helping them identify and realize these savings across all spend categories.

Large companies have teams of procurement managers to do this work.   Fractional Procurement Group focuses on mid size companies that have significant spend, but often not enough to justify a full time procurement manager.  We become an extension of your organizations team to ensure you are paying market rates for services, have advantageous vendor terms and also have best purchasing practices.   These include doing regular RFP’s, business reviews with key suppliers and audits to ensure the invoices received match up with the rates in the agreements.

Savings realized through an effective strategy free up resource (Both money and employees time) to reinvest in personnel, facilities and equipment to drive more efficient performance.   Through procurement and sourcing, efficient supply chain services and help drive value and also improve relationships with suppliers.

Andy and his team offer expert, professional, and affordable services that pay off in spades. Hiring them has been one of the best decisions we ever made
York Properties Chief Financial Officer, Kristina Bracy

Money, and time, saved.

We monitor contracts, drive down costs, and improve supplier terms and quality - all to ensure significant bottom-line improvements for your business, so you can get back to work.

Contract Monitoring

We monitor contract renewal dates to prevent auto-increases and other fees

One-Time Purchases & RFPs

We handle the research, bidding, and negotiation for large, one-off purchases

Supplier Optimization

We look for ways to consolidate suppliers and upgrade your purchase agreements.

Invoice Auditing

We review invoices against terms and pricing in your agreements to ensure compliance

Competitive Market Data

We use a robust vendor database to ensure you have the most competitive market pricing

Contract Renegotiation

We renogititate with vendors with contracts due to renew ensure you get the best rates


Spend Analysis and Savings Assessment

We work with our customers to understand spend strategies and identify strategy to reduce expenses.   Each vendor and area of spend can vary by industry.   By applying the correct approach, it will result in appropriate cost reductions and ensure success.


Locate Existing Agreements

Most organizations don’t know where 100% of their agreements are located.   Much less know when contracts renew, is the pricing on the agreement what is being billed and are terms being met.    During this phase we collect agreements that you can locate and also work with vendors where an agreement(s) might be missing.  We then upload these into a tracking database so all agreements across the organization are tracked.  Fractional Procurement Group uses a “Red, Yellow, Green” system – you will never miss a renewal again!


Secure Vendor Savings / Audit Pricing

Our procurement experts work with vendors to ensure correct pricing and terms are in place. We review existing / proposed agreements to ensure there are no “gotcha terms” included such as auto renewals, no caps on increases and other terms that are associated with poorly written agreements


Continue Ongoing Procurement Best Practices

We then manage contracts, suppliers performance and set up best practices.  These include a detailed RFP schedule for key categories, setting up account business reviews with key suppliers and supplier / spend optimization

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We Let Our Clients Speak For Us


I was not sure how often we would use the services of Fractional Procurement Group, but boy have I been surprised! It has been a huge help to know that all our contacts are organized and that we have a system for keeping up with expiration dates. Andy and his team were recently super helpful in partnering with us to select a new technology support company. It was great to not have to source a new provider from scratch in a line of business we weren’t super familiar with, and a significant time savings. The Fractional Procurement Group facilitated the process from start to finish, and we feel confident that we are paying a competitive rate, not only in this situation but with all our contracts. We highly recommend their services!

Heather Shanahan,Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill

We Let Our Clients Speak For Us


Our partnership with Fractional Procurement Group has been an invaluable one! We were able to reach multiple corporate goals including organizing all of our contracts in a single database with meaningful, searchable criteria and renewal dates; and improving contract terms, pricing, and vendor relationships; all in record time! Andy and his team offer expert, professional, and affordable services that pay off in spades. Hiring them has been one of the best decisions we ever made.

Kris Bracy,York Properties

We Let Our Clients Speak For Us


Andy Crawford and his team are phenomenal. After our initial cost savings experience with them, we decided we needed an on-going relationship to ensure we were paying the right prices all of the time and to assist us in managing our numerous vendor contracts. Using the database, we have all of our vendor contracts in one place. Critical dates are tracked so we are prepared to renew, cancel or renegotiate. In addition to managing our current contracts, the assistance with one-time purchases is so helpful. During the pandemic, they were even able to locate critically needed PPE for our organization. The amount of money that our organization has saved using the procurement services exceeds the amount paid ten-fold.

Linda Guzman,The Arc North Carolina

We Let Our Clients Speak For Us


Fractional Procurement Group has helped us in many ways. One of those ways is helping us organize our contracts/agreements in one easy to navigate database. Before our contracts/agreements would expire or auto renew without our knowledge and potentially keep us paying more because of it. Now with the help from Fractional Procurement Group not only are we notified well in advance of expiration dates but they also negotiate new terms on our behalf if we need them to. They have also saved us money on negotiating new contracts by leveraging our position and using their understanding of the fine print often overlooked by us in the past. We have found great benefit in the services of Fractional Procurement Group.

Kevin Wilson,Gaston County Family YMCA

Meet Andy Crawford

Andrew Crawford is Founder and President of Fractional Procurement Group, a Raleigh based company which helps companies with vendor management, contract monitoring / negotiations, audits, running RFP's, conducting supplier business reviews.

Prior to Fractional Procurement Group, Mr. Crawford founded Outgo360 in 2013 that is focused on helping small and mid size companies save money via cost reduction and contract review processes.  By showing clients how to contribute, year over year, to margin improvement of 10-25%, clients can take savings and invest it back into their core business.   Clients have saved over $20,000,000 for their organizations with the help of Outgo360.

Prior to Outgo360, Mr. Crawford was Vice President of NC operations for Kelly Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: KELYA, KELYB), a leader in providing workforce solutions.  

Promoted to Vice President in 2009, Mr. Crawford’s responsibilities included all staffing business operations in the Charlotte and Raleigh markets, including Kelly’s administrative, light industrial, information technology, finance and accounting, scientific, engineering, education, and healthcare recruiting business.

Mr. Crawford has more than 18 years of negotiating and staffing industry experience. He joined Kelly’s healthcare division in Raleigh in 2005 as district manager. Prior to his promotion, Mr. Crawford was the southeast regional manager for Kelly Healthcare Resources in Raleigh.

Prior to joining Kelly, Mr. Crawford held sales and management roles in healthcare staffing in Raleigh, NC and Chicago, IL. Early in his career, he worked in sales for a research company in Chicago.

Mr. Crawford has been awarded numerous awards including Business Leader’s “Movers and Shakers Award.”  Mr. Crawford’s connections to the North Carolina market include being a Leader with a local Boy Scout Troop, Member of the Governor's Committee for Education Efficiencies and former board member with the NC Business Committee for Education.

Mr. Crawford holds a BS degree in Business Administration from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.


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